Current Specials

Miller Bobcat Welder / Generators

Miller welder Bobcat 250 generator

Currently in stock Miller Bobcat 225's and 250's 

Starting at $3,690.00

Flap Disc

Sait economy flap disc 

$18.99 /box

While Supplies last!

#40000, #40001

Chop Saw blades

Mercer 14" X 3/32 X 1" Chop saw blades

$49.99 / box

While supplies last. 


Forney Welding Helmets

Auto darkening welding helmet shade 9-13 with grind mode.

$49.99 each

Spool Wire 70S-6 0.035" X 33lb

Mig welding wire WeldPro 70S-6 0.035" X 33lb

$29.99 per roll

Welding Gasses

Argon, Argon/CO2 mixes, Acetylene, CO2, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Beer Mixes all available daily.